Data Transformation and Analytics

Source, transform, collate, feed and extract insights through visualization to drive real business innovation. Maximize ROI by leveraging existing BI and integration ecosystem to drive new value.

Analytics as a service

Comprehensive services for analytics across the spectrum from BI infrastructure selection through managed operations using a virtual analytics team

Data Analytics and Visualizations

Enable data analytics within your enterprise through visual interactive dashboards built on HTML, PowerBI, Tableau, Qlik, Excel or any other BI Platform.

Data Integration and Modeling

Ingest data from CRMs, ERPs, HRMS, digital marketing data, legacy systems, Excel spreadsheets to create and run AI/ML/Forecasting models.

Ongoing reporting and analytics support

Deploy a virtual analytics team to handle all things analytics from data collation, cleansing, analytics, reporting enabled on standard tools like Alteryx, Excel, Talend, Data360, PowerBI, Python, etc.

BI & Reporting Consulting Services

Assess BI Architecture, tech ecosystem, model and data pipeline design using industry, business, data and latest technology benchmarks.

5I approach for business innovation

Unique 5I approach focused on moving raw data through various steps to drive business innovation


Integrate, organize and transform data from varied data sources with the click of a button


Structure data elements, define relationships, apply business rules and create holistic data views


Create rich visual dashboards, infer relationships, understand business drivers with 360 degree data drilldowns


Generate real actionable ideas from insights, adapt knowledge from other industries, functions and develop action plans


Apply ideas to reality, evaluate impacts of change and refine processes to improve outcomes