Incentius partners with a fintech company to enhance their trade finance platform Marketing January 10, 2022

Incentius, a global software solutions provider, announced a partnership with a Los Angeles based fintech organization. This leading trade finance organization has developed a platform that processes trade finance documents, performs automated reconciliation against UCP & ISBP rules and seamlessly integrates with sanctions screening and trade based money laundering systems. 

With the potential of user experience sensing, actionable insights, and AI-powered Biometric Processes – to convert banks into meta businesses that consumers want to bank with and staff would be proud of, they aim to provide exceptional customer service to stimulate long-term growth, and produce data to keep digital momentum going.

“This collaboration is uniquely positioned to help them with the backend technology of improving the existing platform performance. This platform aims to help in increasing productivity of banking personnel’s by 70%. 

Incentius is helping develop a validation solution required for multiple documents to process finance operations and sanctions screening process. Some of these are:

  1. Document Ingestion
  2. Document Classification
  3. Document Extraction
  4. Document Completion Check
  5. Screening Rule Validations

Both of the organizations, together, want to evolve the way companies manage their technology. We want to deliver end-to-end automation by designing and deploying frontend web-based management applications without compromising on flexibility, timeliness, and quality.

The combined efforts of both organizations will help all Banks optimize their internal processes, be less reliant on relentless hours of manual checks and increase the efficiency by over 70%.

Amit Jain, CEO, Incentius Technologies, said, “We are pleased to announce our partnership which will be adding enormous value to our potential customers and will also help us generate a significant thrust in the market.