Free Tableau visualization dashboard for your Shopify store! Sumeet Shah January 28, 2021


Do you know that the majority of e-commerce businesses use 0.5% of all the data available at their disposal? Are you sure you are amongst those and not the rest?

“Are you serious?” This is exactly how one of my clients responded when they were asked this question.

“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Invariably you end up twisting facts to suit theories”.

This quote from Sherlock could not have made more sense ever.

That’s where we are today, especially in the e-commerce realm of the world. Shopping has changed, and online purchase is no more a linear process. Every click, every product your customer views and all of their historical purchases hold critical importance. It tells you about their online journey. What one buys, when one buys, what are the top items bought together, and why would someone cancel an order has an abundance of insights. We do not even have to go too far to prove this. Amazon drives 35% of its revenue by capturing these insights. They are working towards opening up a whole new prospect of a personalized digital shopping assistant.

Are you doing your bit to leave the legacy approach and adopt an innovative data-driven one? By not going with the latter, you are losing business to the ones who are going with it.

Our client could not believe the insights we churned out from their data. Here’s a free sample Tableau dashboard built over Shopify for you. Just extract the Shopify orders data and plug it into this dashboard (user guide attached for convenience) and take a deep dive into the rich insights your data holds.

Claim your free tool hereYou can use the same dashboard with some tweaks if you are using any other e-commerce platform like BigCommerce, Magento, Woocommerce, Squarespace, Wix, Big Cartel, or Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Even better, if you reach out to us at Incentius, we can help you with custom insights based on your requirements and recommendations to increase your footfall-to-conversion ratio.