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Your strategic partner for digital transformation, We spearhead technical innovation across cloud, analytics, AI and mobile to drive adaptable, insight-led digital transformation embedded in your organization’s DNA.

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At Incentius, we specialize in crafting tailored digital solutions, driving innovation and empowering businesses to thrive in the evolving digital landscape

Software Development

Engineer your requirements from idea to concept to MVP to Technology Product. Leverage secure & scalable open-source technologies and cloud ecosystem to develop applications with a clean, readable, and standards-based codebase.

Data & Analytics

Source, transform, collate, feed and extract insights through visualization to drive real business innovation. Maximize ROI by everaging existing BI and integration ecosystem to drive new value.

Data Lakes & MDM

Revitalize your infrastructure and legacy applications with Cloud Modernization, leveraging containers and other cloud-native capabilities for enhanced agility. Benefit from our deep technical consulting, cloud care support, and a continuous improvement mindset to optimize your cloud scalability.

Gen AI

Leverage the power of Generative AI to revolutionize your operations. Explore, develop, and implement state-of-the-art LLM-based solutions with our expertise at Incentius. From immersive workshops to innovative products and robust platforms, we guide you through the transformative journey of applying Generative AI to enhance the way you work.

UI/UX Design

Enhance user experiences and captivate audiences with our UI/UX Design Excellence services. Our user-centered design practice employs the latest UI/UX principles to craft intuitive, engaging digital experiences optimized for conversion across web, mobile and emerging interfaces.


Streamline your development processes and enhance operational efficiency with our DevOps Services. We establish CI/CD pipelines, automated testing, observability and 24/7 managed services for cloud operations – ensuring seamless application deployment, monitoring and maintenance.

Success Stories

We assist businesses like yours in creating and delivering unmatched value. Explore our case studies to learn how.

Whayn : B2B E-commerce platform

B2B E-Commerce platform for medical consumables with integrated supply chain management. This includes workflows for a variety of users such as suppliers, dealers, sales representatives, business admin, hospitals, etc.

Simple Pharma CRM

A simple user-friendly CRM system for a specialty pharma organization that allows salespeople to log interactions, send and track emails, analyze call activity and manage marketing events

Test Helper

An Edtech platform designed to help schools assess the performance of both students and teachers. It allows teachers to assign tests to students on specific subjects or concepts, and provides a thorough analysis of performance to schools. This helps schools track progress and identify areas for improvement.


A captive survey engine for a non-profit working in the area of solar power generation to capture, analyze, report and benchmark data from the universe of solar power products creators within a market

Enterprise DataWarehouse

A near realtime data warehouse built on serverless technology for a pharma organization including an operational UI, data stewarding for business validations, syncs, scheduling and tracking


A first-of-its-kind web3 platform enabling celebrities and content creators to build fan communities. The platform enables creators to establish their fan communities and allows fans to own a piece of their success, allowing them to become a part of the Creator’s exclusive community.


A housekeeping software for hospitality industry comprising of an app for housekeeping staff. The app was used to automate manual tasks like shift scheduling, logging tickets, and capturing attendance. It also comes with visual dashboards for admins to analyze staff performance and housekeeping activities.

Voices of Success

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Industries We Transform
A cohesive, user-friendly scheduling software made to support you every step of the way.
Transform B2B transactions using Incentius' E-Commerce solutions. We excel in crafting scalable platforms, optimizing supply chains, and enhancing customer experiences for online trade elevation.
Life Sciences & Healthcare
Empowering innovation, our simulations and data lifecycle management strategies are tailored for the healthcare sector. Witness an accelerated pace of progress, leading to enhanced patient outcomes.
Transportation & Logistics
Enhance profitability and elevate customer experience in Transportation and Logistics. Our tailored solutions redefine efficiency, keeping your business ahead in the dynamic industry landscape.
Financial services
Incentius sparks a FinTech revolution, crafting intelligent solutions navigating economic complexities. We empower the financial industry with secure, innovative advancements for resilience.
Transform hospitality with Incentius, reshaping guest experiences through integrated technology, optimizing operational efficiency, and delivering personalized services. Join us in this revolution.
Tech Startups & Digital Innovators
Agile, swift, innovative, and disruptive, we grasp the tech startup pulse. Embracing unique challenges, we collaborate for hands-on solutions, leveraging technology for transformative success.
Propel EdTech into innovation's new era with Incentius. Unleash excellence through cloud-powered infrastructure and pioneering AI/ML solutions, redefining education with technology and learning integration.
Web 3
Creating immersive digital realms, blockchain applications, and autonomous metaverse ecosystems, fueled by crypto, NFTs, AI, and cloud synergy. Empowering the thriving creator economy.
Empower service providers with innovative solutions. Our cloud platforms enable real-time data processing, analytics, uncovering insights, and launching data-activated systems.
Shaping Tomorrow's Excellence
We specialize in architecting and building scalable and highly usable solutions. Empower your business with cutting-edge IT solutions.

Turning Ideas into Reality

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Tech Toolbox
Where Cutting-Edge Meets Capability - Our Tech Landscape
Node JS
Vue JS
React JS
Angular JS
Tailwind CSS
Google Maps API

Security & Compliance

Robust security and comprehensive compliance processes to meet international guidelines and requirements. Comprehensive security across cloud, network, host, application, and data domains. 256 bit SSL, data encryption at rest and in transit, secure private cloud deployment on AWS, Azure or google cloud.

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